FEISOL Treppiede Tournament CT-3442 Rapid

The tripod, as you can imagine, is a fundamental tool for any landscape photographer. For me it’s not a side tool, on the contrary I consider it, like my camera, a fundamental means for the success of my images. A good tripod must have well defined characteristics: lightness, small dimensions, reliability. Weight and size make the difference either during a long trekking or preparing luggage. Reliability is fundamental during the shooting, when you need to be focused on the shot, without having to worry about the equipment.

I have been using the Feisol CT-3371 tripod for many years, during my “naturalistic” phase, supporting heavy lenses such as the 600mm f4, it was mandatory to have a solid, stable and reliable tripod. Thw only deawbacks of this loyal companion of a thousand adventures, however, was the footprint. During the trips abroad where I had to take a flight, I had some difficulties arranging my luggage. Its weight was bearable as all sections are carbon fiber tubes. Recently I got the Feisol CT-3442, a fantastic tripod belonging to the Tournament class, which combines all three fundamental features that I require from a tripod: light weight, small size and reliability.


As soon as I unboxed it, lightness and small dimensions of CT-3442 caught my attentions. Thanks to the legs locking system, you can completely swing them upwards for stowage, cutting off the folded height minimizing space during transport!

Thanks to this feature, I can often move for my photographic session using a motorbike, having small dimensions to carry on the backpack! These characteristics make it perfect partner also for mountain trekking and excursions. Like the other tripods of the Tournament series, the CT-3442 is made with the best materials available on the market, a true engineering masterpiece. All sections of CT-3442 are carbon fiber, in order to guarantee truly excellent rigidity, stability and load capacity.

The legs, divided into four sections of large diameter with twist locking system, are connected to the central plate with a blocking system that allows easy positioning at angles of 25, 50 and 75 degrees. Furthermore, thanks to that it is possible to use the tripod with the base on the ground, or in “reverse” mode, an additional feature that makes this tripod truly unique.

The optional “spikes” (which I highly recommend to purchasing) guarantee a secure grip on any terrain. The large 67 mm base, equipped with a 3/8 head screw, allows to mount ball heads such as the CB-50DC, suitable for supporting heavy equipment. The tripod is rock sold without the central column. In case of need, it is however possible to purchase the kit on the Feisol online store.


I made deep tests of CT-3443 in various situations. From the cliffs of my Liguria, to the snow of the Alps. It fits all situation very well, I was very impressed how it easy to have a rock solid stand even on rough surface and how fast you can arrange legs length. Testing the tripod at relatively low temperatures, I did not find any problems neither for carbon legs not for the twist locking system of various sections. Furthermore, stability remains guaranteed at any angle of leg positioning and you never have the feeling of a possible overturning, even with a moderate load.


In conclusion, I am very excited about the CT-3442. All its features I described in this review make it a truly essential tool for any landscape photographer. The CT-3442 is the ideal companion for travel and trekking, but also for daily photo sessions.

The FEISOL CT-3442 is available on the website https://www.feisol.eu/prodotto/feisol-treppiede-tournament-ct-3442-rapid/?lang=it.

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