Backpack SUKHA by F-STOP

Choosing the perfect photo backpack is not easy at all. Today there are so many brands and plenty of models on the market which can satisfy almost all photographers needs! Finding the right model is not so easy, but in my opinion, you can get the perfect one only experiencing or…following my suggestion and all the test I did for you. In fact there is a risk, due to the haste or little knowledge about products, you can end buying backpacks that are not suitable either for your equipment or your needs and above all it could not match your physical characteristics.

Trust me because it was like that for me too. Over the years, in fact, I owned many different backpacks, experiencing strengths and weaknesses of the various models. Every time I was changing to get something better having in mind the experience just done and looking for something new that best reflect the needs at that moment and could suite my equipment. Almost two years ago I purchased a trekking backpack where I embedded an internal F-STOP unit, the famous ICU (Internal Camera Unit). It was a great leap ahed for security of my components (it was not accessible from the outer part but only from the one in touch with my back), portability and easy stuffing. Soon my components and needs changed again and finally I found the perfect companion for my outdoor experience: the SUKHA di F-STOP

Nowadays F-STOP is definitely one of the leading companies for innovation in adventure camera carry. The Mountain Series range was created for photographers who combine the shooting phase with trekking and camping. Unlike other series, the Mountain range is designed to host the modular “plug-in” called ICU (Internal Camera Unit). These ICU (to which I will dedicate a special review later), available in different sizes and capacities, allow you to fully manage your backpack for you adventure. You can vary internal space choosing how much to dedicate to photo equipment and how much for camping or trekking equipment. I realized that having more than one ICU allows me to quickly and easily customize my pack according to time to time needs. So I purchased two ICUs, one L size, and the other XL size to be more effective managing my pack spaces. Bear in mind that, at the moment, my equipment consists of a tripod, 4 lenses, two camera bodies, pouches for the plate filters, one drone with radio and various accessories.

But let’s go back to our pack. The Sukha with its 70 lt capacity is the second largest F-STOP backpack currently produced within Mountain Series range, and is available in three colors (black, orange and aloe). Its dimensions are 35.6 x 68.6 x 30.5 cm (WxHxD), it weighs about 2.3 kg and has an internal aluminum frame. Externally it is made of ripstop nylon and thermoplastic polyurethane, which makes it absolutely weather-resistant, but at the same time breathable, thanks to the YKK zippers made of the same materials. It is therefore designed to be your companion for adventure on photo trekking where you need a lot of equipment and a lot of load capacity. The shape of the backpack allows you to distribute weights without having any unbalance problem. I had the opportunity to try it on a trek where I was carrying besides the material mentioned above also a star tracker,a tent,a sleeping bag, gas, stove and food!

What I love most about these packs is the access to the equipment which can be reached opening it on the part facing your back. It allows quick and wide access to the ICU and, for example, during a photo sessions on the snow, if you place the pack on the ground while pulling out the equipment, you won’t get the pack wet on the part in touch with your back: you can keep on with your trek with your back completely dry. Sukha is not only ICU storage, both inside and outside there are multiple housings, with plenty of space you can use to store any kind of accessory: the large pocket on the front, the small pouch to store the waterproof coverage, the vertical side pockets to insert mountaineering accessories, the modular bottle holder, the internal pocket for the laptop, which is perfectly positioned to offer maximum protection and perfect balance the weights. These are just some of the slots available in the pack. Even the bottom of the pack has been carefully engineered applying a rubber coating specially designed to reduce abrasions and knocks.

The shoulder straps and the waist belt are very comfortable and well made, being very padded and wide, they offer extreme comfort and various adjustment possibilities. These also allow heavy-set photographers like me to adjust the pack to their physical shape and make the load lighter during trekking even on the roughest terrain.
Another characteristic of F-STOP is its modularity and customization of each product. On the official website, in fact,
there is a detailed page for accessories where there are several interesting products, such as the gatekeeper straps,
which allow you to further improve the load performance of your pack.
At last What I was looking for is the F-STOP Sukha: it is a really large pack, weather-resistant and above all comfortable. After more than 15 years of experience in adventure photograpy I can finally say that I have found the perfect pack!