Review (ENG): Fotopro X-go HR Pro tripod

Latest arrival at FOTOPRO!

Robust and adaptable to any situation!

The X-go HR Pro tripod is the new tripod from Fotopro!
As already experienced for the test of the X-AIRCROSS 2 and SHERPA MAX, the tripod is shipped in the classic blue box and wrapped in a beautiful FOTOPRO branded bag, inside which there is, obviously, the tripod, also a small pouch with keys , Arca-Swiss attachment plate and set of spare feet as well as instructions for use/maintenance. The first impressions are good, despite having been used to carbon stands for years now. In fact, the X-go HR Pro is built entirely of aluminium. It differs from other tripods on the market for the possibility of tilting and rotating the central column as desired, thus adapting it to particular photographic styles such as macro photography, food and still-life.

Dimension, weight, and….

The X-go HR Pro comes with a modern design. Completely black with orange inserts, it has aluminum legs whose diameter varies from 25 mm to 15 mm. On two of the three legs there are rubber inserts to improve grip. Furthermore, one of these is removable and usable, in combination with the FPH-52Q ball head, as a monopod. The “at rest” dimensions are almost 45 cm, such as to allow it to be transported both in a suitcase and on the side of the photographic backpack and the weight is 1.66 kg. The maximum load supported is 8 kg.
With the X-go HR Pro, you can shoot at different heights. Acting on the central column, the minimum trigger height is less than 23cm from the ground, while in the ordinary position it reaches 128cm with the legs at maximum extension, and 159cm when raising the central column. The length of the sections can be adjusted by turning the knobs equipped with a twist system. With a simple clockwise/anticlockwise rotation it is possible to unlock/block the sliding of the aluminum sections by quickly choosing the height of the tripod. As with most tripods on the market, the X-go HR Pro also has four different leg opening angles: high angle, middle angle, low angle and reverse.
The three feet are covered with a removable soft rubber cap, which hides a classic steel spike designed to improve grip on ice.

Features and accessories

The central column is the detail that distinguishes the tripod. Fotopro has developed a very simple system (CNC parts) which allows you to rotate the central column by 360° and tilt it in order to make it adaptable to any shooting situation. This feature makes it a tripod suitable for macro photography, food and still-life, i.e. photographic genres in which there is a need to place the camera perpendicular to the subject to be captured (a plate on a table for example). The rotation management mechanism is very simple to use as it is enough to act on the three knobs located in the fulcrum of the stand.
The center column can also be removed and reversed for shooting on the ground. It is equipped with a hook for sandbags or backpacks, useful for limiting vibrations or for fixing the tripod further in case of strong winds.
As in other Fotopro models, there are two threads, specifically designed to accommodate intelligent accessories such as the Multi-direction adjusting gripper, a multi-directional arm for supporting action-cams, mobile phones, spot lights or more.

The Head ball

The X-go HR Pro is sold in kit with the head model FPH-52Q. Like most similar products on the market, it has a ring nut for rotation on the horizontal axis suitably graduated and useful for taking panoramic photos, a knob with clutch for opening and closing the rotation of the sphere, and a plate equipped with triple “bubble” with Arca-Swiss attachment.

On the field…

I had the opportunity to test the X-go HR Pro in the field both in the studio for some still-life photos and in photographic outing sessions, among the cliffs of my home in Tellaro.
In the studio I had no problems, as well as outdoors. During the photo session, I took 4-minute long exposures, just to test if the tripod suffered from the wind and if the legs were adaptable to the roughness of the ground. In both cases it performed well, demonstrating excellent stability on the cliff and the absence of camera shake on the images obtained with 4 minute exposures.

Given the characteristics described, I strongly recommend the purchase to photographer friends looking for a new tripod. The technical characteristics make it an ideal tripod for macro photography, food, still life but also for the landscape.

For more information and to purchase online, click on the following link: FOTO PRO X-go HR Pro